Why learn CSS Layout here?

I’ve been writing about CSS for well over ten years, authoring and co-authoring a large number of books on the subject, including the bestselling CSS Anthology for SitePoint. A book that ran to four editions. I’m in demand on the conference circuit for my talks of modern CSS layout and in the last couple of years have been running full day workshops, teaching layout.

There is a limit to how many workshops I can lead in person each year. I’m also aware that the cost of tickets, hotel rooms, time away from work and travel to these events is prohibitive for many people. I hope that in creating an online version of this material I can help more people really get to grips with CSS Layout.

About me

To find out more about the course, take a look here. If you want to know more about the person behind it, read on!

I’m co-founder of Perch - the really little CMS, and the developer edition Perch Runway. I’ve been working as a web developer since late 1996, and have run my own company since 2001. I’m an open web standards advocate but I’m also a business person. I understand the need to balance doing great work with actually shipping things.

Recent work and projects

Other than Perch and Runway here are some of the things I’ve been working on recently.

My personal site and blog where I write about business, tech and other things. You can also find links to past presentations on that site.

I write a column for A List Apart on the business side of web development. I’m also a technical editor for A List Apart.

My Grid by Example site is where I am collecting resources on the CSS Grid Layout specification.

I keep an up to date list of my conferences on Lanyrd so you can find out where I am next.

CSS Layout News is the weekly newsletter that I curate. A roundup of interesting links, tutorials and news.

My latest book was launched in January 2016. Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout was published by A Book Apart and is an introduction to the new CSS Grid Layout Specification - a subject we will have a thorough look at in the Advanced Layout course.